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The Golf Writers Association of America was founded in 1946 and is dedicated to the improvement of working conditions for golf writers. We strive for advancement in press facilities at tournaments, hotel accommodations, local transportation, interviews with players, and we work in concert with the Association of Golf Writers, our British counterparts.

Please view the form below, read each category and fill out every field. We aim to make each decision as quickly as possible. If accepted, you will be invoiced for your annual membership dues and when paid you will receive access to our website and directory. If you have questions please contact Jeff Babineau at

Membership Categories:

  • Regular Members (R): Those content creators who work in print, digital, photography or broadcasting on a consistent basis. Regular members will be approved by the membership committee through application, and must submit 10 examples of their work upon initial entry. Dues: $80 annually.
  • Associate Members (A): Those who work on a part-time basis in golf media; those who are employed by media relations departments in local, state and national golf organizations; and those who are self-employed in media relations. (Those formerly enrolled as Professional members now fall under ‘Associate’ membership;. Associate members will be approved by the membership committee through application, and must apply annually. Dues: $125 annually.
  • Retired/Lifetime Members (L): Former GWAA writers, editors, officers and others who have been GWAA members for at least 10 years, are 65 years old (or older) and now are retired or working in a very limited capacity. Dues: $25 annually. 
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Please submit ten (10) published writing samples that exhibit your work. This can be done through email to Membership Chair Rex Hoggard (